Llewellyn Parry
2021 Webfolio

I love to create work that is meaningful, stylish & fun. If you would like to know more or work with me please get in touch.

I am currently working as an Art director for Canva but occasionally take on freelance work and passion projects.

︎ Motion Showreel

Branding, Illustration
2015 – 2020

Disruptors in the video advertising space, Shuttlerock is a New Zealand-based startup on an astronomical trajectory. Although a Kiwi company at heart, the Shuttlerock crew share an ambitious global mentality, striving to become industry leaders by combining human creativity with tech-driven innovation.

My aim was to develop a visual identity that reflected the forward-thinking, trailblazing nature of the company by combining clean, stylized illustration with a minimal, yet striking colour palette.  The logo icon—with a spaceship set within a globe—works to represent both the companies’ space-inspired name, along with their global aspirations. Also central to this project was the creation of three product logos that utilized simple animation playing upon the letters within the text to effectively communicate the message behind each offering.