Llewellyn Parry
2021 Webfolio

I love to create work that is meaningful, stylish & fun. If you would like to know more or work with me please get in touch.

I am currently working as an Art director for Canva but occasionally take on freelance work and passion projects.

︎ Motion Showreel

A student project which I was proud to receive a NZ Best Design Award for. Screen Break spoke to a device-obsessed generation—those who had become so immersed in the little worlds playing out on their screens that they had forgotten the many wonders that can be found by simply taking a step into the great outdoors.

The “Alphabet Of Things To Do” was created to highlight the endless fun that can be had outside by matching an activity to each of the letters of the alphabet through a unique visual illustration. Full of colour and playfulness, the vibrant imagery was aimed at eliciting an imaginative response that would inspire people to take a break from their phones—similar to how the vintage travel posters of old would use heavily stylized imagery to sell a vacation destination.