Llewellyn Parry
2021 Webfolio

I love to create work that is meaningful, stylish & fun. If you would like to know more or work with me please get in touch.

I am currently working as an Art director for Canva but occasionally take on freelance work and passion projects.

︎ Motion Showreel

Branding, Illustration, Motion

Nathan Kramer is a Sydney-based prog-rock musician with an insatiable love of Ramen. If not chopsticks, you will be sure to find a guitar in his hand, being wielded to compose heavy, melodic, and anthemic instrumental sounds. For the release of his first EP titled Dialectic I, I had the pleasure of designing the original album artwork and brand design.

The album cover art featured a wild, imaginative illustration that combined Nathan’s two passions in a single, coalesced image. Being his first EP, and a very personal project, it was important for the artwork to shine this light on Nathan’s personality. This project also consisted of a logo design which will serve as the brand identity for Nathan on his future projects. Featuring a mirrored, maze-like symmetry, the logo looks the same from ant orientation. This concept drew inspiration from the name and overall concept of the EP, alluding the dialectical method of discovering mean- ing through different perspectives.