Llewellyn Parry
2021 Webfolio

I love to create work that is meaningful, stylish & fun. If you would like to know more or work with me please get in touch.

I am currently working as an Art director for Canva but occasionally take on freelance work and passion projects.

︎ Motion Showreel

Branding, Illustration, Motion

Promotional elements for a skate competition after party. Bright, contrasting colours, along with an abstract approach to a number of skate elements gave the visuals an ultra-urban feel which are juxtaposed with an overlaid gothic type.

The vibrant, grain filled gradients give the design a boldness that serves to arrest the viewer’s attention, leading them to the finer details, such as the date on location of the party. Video elements were also provided to capture the attention of online audiences with punchy, dynamic movement.